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Füssen is a 700-year-old town in the southern end of what is known to be the Romantic Road, sitting in the center of one of the best holiday areas in the Alpine region. Whether youre interested in a quick break from the city or looking to get away for a week to recharge, the town of Füssen is an impressive choice, framed by high mountains and water on all sides yet sitting at the highest spot in Bavaria to give you the best kind of view.

If youre interested in heading for the famous castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein, Füssen is a good place to start because it is located just four kilometers away. If youre coming by train, hop off the Füssen train station and hop on a bus and youre headed straight for some castle-viewing time. Füssen itself features a medieval town center so its like stepping back in time when you go for a quick stroll around town. Over the years, the town has witnessed different kinds of histories and youll very much see remnants of each one around Füssen.

If you want to explore Füssen, the best place to start is the town landmark, the gothic castle complex of Hohes Schloss. It was the summer residence of prince bishops from Augsburg in the past and is recognized today as the largest, best-preserved of gothic castle complexes of Swabia. Apart from the impressive structure, Hohes Schloss also houses a Bavarian State Collections of Paintings branch gallery focusing on Renaissance and late gothic works of art from the Franconian and Allgau-Swabian region.

Below Hohes Schloss you will find the former Monastery of St. Mang, a baroque complex dating back to the 8th century. Apart from St. Mangs itself, Füssen is also home to the oldest preserved fresco in the country, which can be viewed from the eastern crypt. Theres also the Füssen Heritage Museum, a richly decorated baroque structure that is reminiscent of a Benedictine collegiate church. For those interested, the Füssen Dance of Death can be viewed in the Anna Chapel, which you can access through the museum. The museum also preserves the history of lute-making in Füssen as the European center by being home to a valuable collection of lutes. It was in the 16th century when the first guild of lute makers was founded in Europe. Regular tours of the town pass through these stops to give tourists a complete experience of Füssen.

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