The Historic City of Füssen

Winter in Füssen
Winter in Füssen

The holiday season is the time where you are supposed to spend a lot of time with family, friends and loved-ones. There arent a lot of places where you could enjoy spending time with your fun-loving family, adventure-seeking friends and an intimate vacation with your special someone. Good thing, there is one place for this.

The 700-year old city of Füssen in Germany that is located at the southern end of the Romantic Road is the perfect place for your next holiday vacation. Well, the holiday is the perfect time to add to the growing number of people enchanted with this city. The historic city of Füssen is known to be the romantic soul of Bavaria, Germany. Found at the heart of one of the best vacation regions in the whole Alpine area, Füssen is a pristine location if you are after a great weekend getaway or even a break from the hustle and stress of your city life.

As the highest city in Bavaria, Germany, Füssen has a rich history and its location is perfect for people who are looking forward to spend their vacation near nature. Among all the other destinations in Germany, you might be wondering, What makes Füssen different from all of them? Why, of all places, should we stay here? and the answer is this. The current accolade you will get from this city is the fascination of being inside a tourism and travel area. Füssen prides itself into being the Travellers Choice 2011 and for years, it is famous for being the little alpine city inside the Lech River.

Not only that, Füssen is also praised as being the romantic soul of Bavaria. Its location is strategically near the Füssen castle Neuschwanstein, which is a world famous fairy tale castle. What you see isnt always what youll get with this amazing place because Füssen is full of surprises. As you travel around the city, you will uncover a lot. It is also a good place to unwind while enjoying a good walk around the entire city and passing through the town while moving past beautiful residences, places of worship and even a monatery.

Your Füssen journey will be like no other because you will be able to explore nature as well as places that you have never been before. If overlooking the edge of the Alps is still not enough for you, there is more there is to see. Füssen will touch your romantic heart and connect your soul to Bavaria.

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